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Bloomfields Horseboxes Handy Horse/Pony class announced!

The tasks have been announced and all the prep sorted with thanks to Captain Danny Hinton Irish Guards & Mrs Lisa Hinton.

Your tasks are as follows:

Hangin' Tough


Sir Neckallot

Deadlest Catch

Hey Hey Mr Postman


Land of Hope & Glory


And that's all you are getting until the course chat at 17:30hrs Wednesday 2021.

This is a timed class, the rider with the least time will win, if you fail to do a task, time penalties will be added. This class must be done in walk only with the exception of the final hurdle 

"Land of Hope & Glory"


Prize money will be awarded to the top 6 riders with rosettes down to 10th place.

1st: £250.00

2nd: £100.00

3rd: £60.00

4th: £50.00

5th: £30.00

6th: £10.00

See you all soon & #BringOnTheGames!

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